In Person Store Sales Only  - No Online Sales OR Shipping

Welcome to Retro Game Bros, Toronto's Video Game Store! This family friendly video game store is run by 2 local Bros, Evan & Matt !
Together they buy, sell, & trade everything retro to next gen!
Come check out Toronto's largest stock of retro video games, accessories, consoles, & more!

Video Games Galore! Everything from original Nintendo all the way to Next Gen! Covering dozens of consoles in between! We are stacked wall to wall with over a 1,000+ games!

Hardware! In need of a console, we got you covered! All the classics to next gen! All consoles, come with all the cords you need, and of course an original controller!

Need a replacement controller, after chucking yours across the room during a heated game? Don't worry, we got you covered. Besides, everyone needs some extra controllers for those 4 player couch co-op games !


About Us:
We started collecting games as kids, mostly thanks to our dad who was a casual gamer, and a pro at Tetris. Fast forward to the present, we kept everything, bought, sold, traded, and over time worked our way up to creating one of "Toronto's top 10 video game stores" (blogTO!) .

We specialize in everything retro, all the way to next gen. Whether it be NES, SNES, SEGA, N64, XBOX / 360, Playstation 1-4, Dreamcast, Turbografx, Handheld Gaming, & Nintendo Switch. We got you covered! We carry a variety of games, systems, accessories across all platforms. You can browse our inventory online and call ahead to confirm availability and place an item on hold. We're old school just like our games, so we only sell in store (not online), come stop by and check out our selection in person!

Feel free to come on by, and experience what every video game store should be like!

Take care & Game On,
Retro Game Bros

- Matt & Evan