Nintendo DS

All Nintendo DS games are used, complete in case, tested, and in good condition unless otherwise stated.

Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


DS Lite Console (colours vary)

(+ charger, plays GBA & DS games)



Original DS (+ charger) $60

DSi XL $70 (+ charger)  Sold

Nintendo DS Game List:

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (with manual) $54.99

Ace Attorney Apollo Justice (printed case, no manual) $64.99

Ace Attorney Apollo Justice (with manual) $84.99 

Ace Attorney Justice for All (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations (with manual) $39.99  

Advance Wars Days of Ruin (game only) $29.99

Advance Wars Dual Strike (with manual) $54.99  Sold

Age Of Empires the Age of Kings (with manual) $14.99

Animal Crossing Wild World (game only) $24.99

Asphalt Urban GT (no manual) $5.99 

Assassin’s Creed Altair’s Chronicles (with manual) $19.99 

Atari’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 (with manual) $22.99

Backyard Baseball ’10 (with manual) $9.99 

Backyard Hockey (with manual) $9.99 

Battleship (with manual) $5.99

Black Sigil (printed artwork, no manual) $84.99 

Bleach the 3rd Phantom (no manual) $44.99 

Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow (no manual) $199.99

Bolt (with manual) $4.99 

Bomberman Land 2 (with manual) $79.99

Call Of Duty World at War (with manual) $14.99

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (with manual) $94.99  

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia (with manual) $159.99

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (with manual) $94.99  

Children of Mana (with manual) $44.99

Chocobo Tales (game only) $14.99 Sold

Chrono Trigger (with manual) $119.99

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force (with manual) $3.99

Club Penguin Herbert's Revenge (with manual) $3.99

Contra 4 (with manual) $69.99  Sold

Cooking Mama (with manual) $9.99

Cradle of Rome (with manual) $9.99 

Crash Bandicoot Mind Over Mutant (with manual) $19.99 

Curling DS (with manual) $9.99 

Custom Robo Arena (with manual) $49.99  Sold

Death Jr. (game only) $6.99

Deca Sports (with manual) $7.99 

Dementium the Ward (no manual) $54.99 

Dementium the Ward (with manual) $64.99 

Devil Survivor (with manual) $59.99  Sold

Diddy Kong Racing (game only) $14.99

Diddy Kong Racing (with manual) $24.99 

Digimon World DS (no manual) $99.99

Dinosaur King (no manual) $34.99 

Disgaea DS (with manual) $19.99 

Dragon Ball Origins (with manual) $44.99  Sold

Dragon Ball Origins 2 (game only) $44.99

Dragon Ball Origins 2 (with manual) $54.99  Sold

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 (no manual) $39.99

Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies (game only) $54.99 

Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies (with manual) $69.99 

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (game only) $19.99

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (with manual) $29.99 

Dream Pinball (with manual) $11.99 

Dynasty Warriors DS Fighter’s Battle (with manual) $14.99 

Elite Beat Agents (with manual) $19.99  Sold

Etrian Odyssey II (game only) $44.99

Etrian Odyssey II Heroes of Lagaard (with manual) $64.99 

Family Feud 2010 Edition (with manual) $9.99

Feel the Magic XY XX (with manual) $14.99

Final Fantasy Chronicles Ring of Fates (game only) $9.99

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates (with manual) $14.99 

Final Fantasy III (with manual) $29.99 

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (game only) $29.99

Flash Focus (with manual) $1.99 

Giana Sisters (game only) $29.99

Glory of Heracles (new) $24.99

Glory of Heracles (with manual) $14.99 

Golden Sun Dark Dawn (game only) $19.99  Sold

Golden Sun Dark Dawn (new) $59.99  Sold

Golden Sun Dark Dawn (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (with manual) $34.99  Sold

Gunpey Music Puzzle (with manual) $9.99

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (with manual) $14.99 

Harvest Moon DS (with manual) $29.99

Heavy Armor Brigade (with manual) $14.99  Sold

Hello Kitty Big City Dreams (with manual) $9.99 

Hot Wheels Track Attack (with manual) $9.99

I Spy Universe (with manual) $2.99 

Ivy the Kiwi (with manual) $29.99 

Jewel Master Cradle of Athena (with manual) $5.99

JumpStart Legend of Lost Island (with manual) $59.99

Justice League Heroes (with manual) $9.99

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Kingdom Hearts Re Coded (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Kirby Canvas Curse (no manual) $44.99

Kirby Canvas Curse (printed artwork, no manual) $34.99 

Kirby Mass Attack (game only) $24.99

Kirby Mass Attack (with manual) $34.99  Sold

Kirby Squeak Squad (game only) $29.99

Kirby Squeak Squad (no manual) $39.99 

Kirby Squeak Squad (with manual) $44.99

Kirby Superstar Ultra (with manual) $34.99 

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer Plus (with manual) $59.99 

Learn Science (with manual) $4.99

Legend of Spryo the Eternal Night (with manual )$19.99

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (no manual) $34.99

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (with manual) $44.99 

Legendary Starfy (game only) $19.99

Legendary Starfy (with manual) $29.99  Sold

LEGO Batman (no manual) $4.99 

LEGO Battles (with manual) $7.99

LEGO Battles Ninjago (with manual) $4.99

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 (no manual) $4.99

LEGO Indiana Jones the Original Adventures (with manual) $4.99

Line Riders 2 Unbound (with manual) $4.99 

Little League Baseball World Series 2009 (with manual) $4.99 

Little Mermaid (with manual) $9.99

Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals (no manual) $54.99 

Lunar Dragon Song (game only) $14.99

Lunar Knights (game only) $39.99

Lux-Pain (with manual) $34.99 

Mage Knight Destiny’s Soldier (with manual) $14.99 

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (printed case, no manual) $49.99  Sold

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (with manual) $64.99  Sold

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (no manual) $9.99  Sold

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Mario Kart DS (with manual) $24.99 

Mario Party (with manual) $19.99

Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem (with manual) $14.99

Master of the Monster Lair (with manual) $24.99

Mega Man Starforce Dragon (printed case, no manual) $89.99 

Mega Man Starforce Leo (printed case, no manual) $69.99  Sold

Mega Man ZX (with manual) $29.99 Sold

Metal Slug 7 (with manual) $79.99  Sold

Meteos (with manual) $14.99

Metroid Prime Hunters (with manual) $59.99 

Monster High 13 Wishes (with manual) $7.99

Monster Jam Path of Destruction (with manual) $7.99

My Sims Kingdom (no manual) $5.99 

My Spanish Coach (with manual) $4.99 

My Weight Loss Coach (with manual) $4.99 

Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Nanostray 2 (with manual) $59.99  Sold

Naruto Path of the Ninja (with manual) $24.99 

Naruto Shippiden Ninja Council 4 (with manual) $14.99 

New Super Mario Bros (with manual) $19.99  Sold

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Nintendogs Lab and Friends (with manual) $4.99

Nostalgia (with manual) $79.99  Sold

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (with manual) $4.99 

Petz Pony Beauty Pageant (with manual) $2.99 

Petz Puppyz & Kittenz (with manual) $2.99

Phantasy Star 0 (with manual) $39.99  Sold

Point Blank (with manual) $29.99


Pokémon Black (no manual) $109.99

Pokémon Black Version 2 (no manual) $179.99

Pokémon Conquest (no manual) $89.99

Pokémon Diamond (with manual) $84.99

Pokémon Heartgold Version (game only) $134.99

Pokémon Heartgold Version (printed case) $159.99

Pokémon Heartgold Version (with manual) $199.99  Sold

Pokémon Heartgold Version Big Box + Poke-Walker : Sold

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team (game only) $29.99

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team (with manual) $39.99

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky $109.99 (game only, printed case)

Pokémon Pearl Version (game only) $59.99

Pokémon Pearl Version (with manual) $89.99

Pokémon Platinum Version (game only) $119.99

Pokémon Platinum Version (with manual) $179.99

Pokémon Ranger (printed case, game only) $44.99

Pokémon Ranger Shadows of Almia (with manual) $64.99

Pokémon Soulsilver Version (game only) $189.99 

Pokémon Soulsilver Version (with manual) $189.99 

Pokémon Soulsilver Version Big Box + Poke-Walker :  Sold

Pokémon White (with manual) $109.99 

Pokémon White Version 2 (game only) $124.99  Sold


Price is Right (with manual) $4.99

Prince Of Persia Fallen King (with manual) $9.99

Professor Layton and the Curious Village (with manual) $19.99  Sold

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (game only) $14.99

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (with manual) $19.99 

Professor Layton and the Last Specter (with manual) $69.99  Sold

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (game only) $19.99

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Puzzle de Harvest Moon (with manual) $9.99 

Puzzle Quest Galaxtrix (with manual) $9.99

Radiant Historia (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Rainbow Islands (with manual) $19.99 

Rayman DS (with manual) $14.99 

Retro Game Challenge (with manual) $99.99  Sold

Rhapsody (game only) $19.99

Rhapsody (with manual) $29.99  Sold

Scooby-Doo Who’s Watching Who? (with manual) $14.99 

Sega Superstars Tennis (game only) $4.99

Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey (with manual) $69.99 

Shogun Empires (no manual) $4.99 

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (with manual) $12.99

Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood (with manual) $29.99 

Sonic Classic Collection (with manual) $19.99 

Sonic Colours (with manual) $19.99  Sold

Sonic Rush (with manual) $24.99  

Sonic Rush Adventure (with manual) $39.99  Sold

StarFox Command (game only) $14.99

StarFox Command (with manual) $24.99

Steal Princess (with manual) $44.99  Sold

Summon Night Twin Age (game only) $39.99

Summon Night Twin Age (with manual) $59.99  Sold

Super Mario 64 (no manual) $29.99  Sold

Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll (game only) $5.99

Super Princess Peach (with manual) $64.99 

Tao’s Adventure Curse of the Demon Seal (no manual) $19.99  Sold

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (printed artwork, no manual) $29.99 

Tetris (with manual) $29.99  Sold

The Simpsons Game (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Theresia (with manual) $49.99  Sold

Tony Hawk’s American Skateland (with manual) $17.99  

Touch Detective 1/2 (game only) $19.99

Touch the Dead (game only) $19.99

Touch the Dead (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Toy Story 3 (with manual) $6.99 

Trauma Center Under the Knife (with manual) $19.99

Ultimate Mortal Kombat (with manual) $34.99 

Warhammer 40000 Squad Command (with manual) $15.99

Wario Master of Disguise (with manual) $24.99  Sold

Wario Ware Touched (with manual) $49.99  

Worms 2 Open Warfare (with manual) $14.99 

Worms Open Warfare (with manual) $9.99  Sold

Yoshi Touch & Go (printed artwork, no manual) $19.99 

Yoshi’s Island DS (game only) $17.99

Yoshi’s Island DS (with manual) $24.99 

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s World Championship 2011 (with manual) $89.99  Sold

Zoo keeper (with manual) $5.99  Sold

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