Gameboy/Colour, GBA, & Handheld Collectibles

All items are used and in good condition unless otherwise stated. Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


3DS XL Super Nintendo Edition *NEW* in Box  $700


3DS XL Samus Edition *NEW* in Box  $600


Link 3DS XL Edition  (console only, Used) $250


3DS XL Super Nintendo Edition *Used* in Box  $500  Sold      


Special Edition Pokemon 3DS XL 20th Anniversary  $900  *NEW* in box


Original 3DS  (pre-owned)

Zelda 25th Anniversary  (+ charger, SD) $250  Sold      


Gameboy Micro (black console, silver faceplate) with charger & new battery installed  $260  Sold


Gameboy Boxes

Amazing Spider-Man (Box, Manual, Game) $70

Battle Arena Toshinden (Box, Manual, Game)  $100 *Mint*

Final Fantasy Legend III (Box, Map, Game) $100

Kid Icarus of Myths & Monsters (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*  Sold

Kirby’s Dreamland 2 (Box, Manual, Game) $125  Sold

Mega Man II (Box, Manual, Game) $220 *Mint*

Pokemon Red (Box, Manual, Game) $220  Sold

Super Mario Land 2 the 6 Golden Coins (Box, Manual, Game) $100 *Mint*  Sold


Gameboy Colour Boxes

Pokemon Silver (Box, Manual, Game)   $250  Sold

Robopon Sun Version (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $170  Sold

Super Mario Bros Deluxe (Box, Manual, Game) $65  

Zelda Links Awakening DX (Box, Manual, Game) $170

Gameboy Colour (no box):

Metal Gear Solid (game only)   Sold 

Resident Evil Gaiden (game only) $150   Sold


Gameboy Advance Boxes

Advance Wars 2 (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*  $110  Sold

Altered Beast (Box, Manual, Game) $75

Astro boy Omega Factor (Box, Manual, No Game) $70  Sold

Banjo Pilot (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* 100  Sold

Castlevania Circle of the Moon (Box, Manual, Game) $100  Sold

Castlevania Double Pack : Harmony of Dissonance & Aria of Sorrow (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*  $180  Sold

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $180 Sold

DK Kong of Swing * SEALED* *Mint*   $50  Sold

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure (Box, Manual, Game) $200  Sold

Drilldozer (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $200

Final Fantasy V (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*  $130

F-Zero GP Legend (Box, Manual, Game) $40  Sold

F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Box, Manual, Game) $40

Gundam Mobile Seed Battle Assault (Box, Manual, Game) $80

Legend of Zelda Classic Nes Series PAL Import (Box, Manual, Game) $40

Lost Vikings (Box, Manual, Reg Card, Game) *Mint* $50

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*  $75  Sold

Megaman & Bass (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $100  Sold

Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Protoman (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $100  Sold

Metroid Fusion (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*  $130  Sold

Pokemon Fire Red (Box, Manual, Game) Players Choice $160  Sold

Pokemon Fire Red (Box, Manual/poster/inserts, Game) *MINT* Players Choice $250  Sold

Pokemon Leaf Green (Box, Manual, Game) Players Choice $200  Sold

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (Box, Game, No Manual) $80  Sold

Pokemon Ruby (Box, Manual, Game)  $250  Sold

Pokemon Ruby (Box, Manual/poster/inserts, sealed e-reader card, Game) *Mint*  $400 

River City Random EX (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $90

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $70  Sold

Summon Night Swordcraft Story (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint*   $125  Sold

Summon Night Swordcraft 2 (Box, Manual, No Game) $70

Super Mario Advance (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $55

Super Mario Advance 2 (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $55

Sword of Mana (Box, Manual, Game) *Mint* $70

Tactics Ogre (Box, Manual, Reg Card, Inserts) *Mint* $200

Teen Titans (Box, Manual, Game) $35

TMNT (Box, Manual, Game) $30

Wario Ware Inc (Box, Manual, Game)  *Mint* $100  Sold

Zelda A Link to the Past & 4 Swords (Box, Manual, Game) $70  Sold

Zelda Minish Cap (Box, Game, No Manual) *Mint*  $200

Zelda Minish Cap (Box, Manual, Game, Inserts) *Mint* $260

GBA RARE GAME (no box):

Ninja-Five-0 (Game Only) with Manual $600


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