Gamecube Collectibles

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Mario Dance Dance Revolution Big Box

Complete with Dance Pad $120


Gamecube Soul Calibur 2 Fight Stick

Complete $120


ZeldaFour Swords Big Box

Complete $240 * Mint*


DK Jungle Beat Complete $60

Donkey Konga Complete $60


Orange Spice Gamecube with Matching Controller (Plays NTSC)



Pokemon XD Gamecube with Matching Silver Controller

$140  SOLD

GameCube Collectible Game List:

Alien Hominid *Mint* Complete $70

Chibi-Robo (Game Only, with Printed Art) $160

Def Jam Fight for NY  *Mint*  Complete

Eternal Darkness (no manual)  $85

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance *Mint* Complete $350

Gauntlet Dark Legacy (no manual) $90

Ikaruga *Mint* Complete $100

Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes *Mint* Complete $120

Paper Mario *Mint* Complete $140

Phantasy Star Episode I & II *Mint* Complete $100

Resident Evil 2 Complete *Mint* $110

Resident Evil 3 Complete *Mint* $90

Samurai Jack *Mint* Complete $70  Sold Out

Skies of Arcadia *Mint* Complete $200 Sold Out

Time Splitters Future Perfect *Mint* Complete $110

Gamecube Collectibles:

Gameboy Player Base with Disc (Complete in Case) $180

Zelda Collectors Edition *Brand NEW Sealed* $250 - Sold

Donkey Konga 2 *Brand NEW Sealed* $50

Viewtiful Joe *Brand NEW Sealed* $100

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