Nintendo NES Collectibles

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NES Action Set Complete in Box

(console, foam inserts, cords, controllers, zapper & game)

$350  Sold



Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (CIB with poster) $230 Sold


Super Mario Bros 3 (Game, Box, Manual) $130 Sold

Nintendo Game Boxes:

8 Eyes (Game, Box, and Manual) $50

Advanced Dungeon & Dragons: Pool of Radiance (Game, Box, Manual) $140

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance (Game, Box, Manual) $75

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar (Game, Box, Manual) $460  Sold

Adventure Island (Game & Box, No Manual) $50  Sold

Adventure Island 3 (Game, Box, and Manual) $170  Sold

Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (CIB with poster) $230 Sold

Bases Loaded (Game, Box, and Manual) $25

Bases Loaded 2 (Game, Box, and Manual) $25

Bases Loaded 3 (Game, Box, and Manual) $35

Battle of Olympus    (Game & Box, No Manual) $50

Battletoads (Game, Box Wear, Manual) $165

Best of the Best Championship Karate (Game, Box, Manual) $230

Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge (Game, Box, and Manual) $30  Sold

Blades of Steel (Game, Box, and Manual) $40

Blades of Steel Classic Series Red Variant (Game, Box, Manual) $150

Blue Marlin (Game, Box, Manual) $65

Bubble Bobble (Game, Box Wear, No Manual) $70 Sold

Captain Comic * Color Dreams * (Game, Box, Manual) $40

Captain Skyhawk (Game, Box, Manual) $20 Sold

Castlevania II (Game, Box, Manual) $130  Sold

Darkwing Duck (Game, Box, Manual) $300

Déjà vu (Game, Box, Manual) $50

Demon Sword (Game, Box, Manual) $45

Destination Earthstar (Game & Box, No Manual) $20

Dick Tracy (Game, Box, Manual) $45  Sold

Dirty Harry (Game, Box, No Manual) $45

Donkey Kong Classics – Sticker on Box (Game, Box, and Manual) $50  Sold

Double Dragon II (Game, Box, Manual) $75  Sold

Double Dribble (Game, Box, Manual) $20 Sold

Dr Mario (Game, Box, and Manual) $30  Sold

Felix the Cat (Game, Box, and Manual) $300  Sold

Fester’s Quest (Game, Box, and Manual) $45

Final Fantasy (Game, Box, Manual and Maps) $100  Sold

G.I Joe: A Real American Hero (Game, Box, and Manual) $200  Sold

Golf Grand Slam (Game, Box, Manual) $30  Sold

Immortal (Game, Box, Manual) $60

Iron Sword (Game, Box, Manual) $20  Sold

Joe & Mac (Game, Box, Manual) $80 Sold

Kabuki Quantum Fighter (Game & Box, No Manual) $100

King’s Quest V (Game, Box, Manual) $100

Krion Conquest (Box only) $60

Laser Invasion (Game, Box, Manual) $90

Lolo 2  (Game, Box, and Manual) $70  Sold

 Magic Of Scheherazade (Game, Box, Manual) $75

Magician (Game, Box, Manual,* Wear) $120

Magmax (Game, Box, Manual) $30  Sold

Mendel Palace (Game, Box, Manual) $40  Sold

Millipede    (Game, Box, Manual) $30

Othello (Game, Box, and Manual) $15

Play Action Football (Game & Box, No Manual) $10

Prince of Persia (Game, Box, Manual) $100

Punisher (Game, Box, Manual) $115  Sold

Rad Racer II (Game, Box, and Manual) $40  Sold

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Game, Box, Manual) $45  Sold

Rock 'N Ball (Game, Box,  Manual) $30

Rush'n Attack (Game, Box, Manual) $45  Sold

Shadowgate (Game, Box, Manual) $60  Sold

Silent Service (Game, Box, Manual) $25

Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants (Game & Box, No Manual) $45  Sold

Star Trek 25th Anniversary (Game, Box, No Manual) $40

Star Voyager (Game, Box, Manual) $30

Star Wars (Game, Box, and Manual) $110 Sold

Super C Super Contra (Game, Box, Manual) $110

Super Mario Bros 2 (Game, Box, Manual) $130  Sold

Super Mario Bros 3 (Game, Box, Manual) $130 Sold

Tecmo Super Bowl (Game, Box, Manual) $65

Tecmo World Wrestling (Game, Box, Manual) $35 Sold

Tetris     (Game, Box, and Manual) $30   Sold

Tiger-Heli (Game, Box, No Manual) $35  Sold

Tiny Toon Adventures (Game, Box, Manual) $70  Sold

TMNT (Game, Box, and Manual) $80 Sold

TMNT II: The Arcade Game (Game & Box, No Manual) $90 Sold

To The Earth (Game, Box, Manual) $20 Sold

Top Player Tennis (Game, Box, Manual) $15  Sold

Total Recall (Game, Box, Manual) $50

Track & Field II (Game, Box, Manual) $25

Uncharted Waters (Box and Map, No Game, Box Wear) $50

Vice Project Doom (Box Only, No Game or Manual) $80

Where’s Waldo (Game, Box, Manual) $55

Win, Lose, or Draw (Game, Box, and Manual) $15

Wizardry Knight of Diamonds (Box, Manual, Poster & Game) $90  Sold

Wizardry Proving Grounds of The Mad Overlord (Game, Box, Manual) $30 Sold

Wolverine (Game, Box, Manual and Poster ) $120 Sold

X- Men (Game, Box, Manual) $100  Sold

Yoshi  (Game, Box, Manual) $35 Sold 

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