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SNES Mario Edition Console Box Set

(console, foam, cords, 2 controllers, & game)



Super Metroid (Box, Game, Manual)



The Legend of Zelda : a Link to the Past (Box, Game, Manual, Map, Promo)



Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals (Box, Game, Manual)

$590 Sold

SNES Super Nintendo Game Boxes:


7th Saga (Box, Manual & Game) $80  Sold

Alien 3 (Box, Manual, Game) $100  Sold

Alien Vs Predator (Box, Manual, Game) $180  Sold

Battle Cars (Box, Manual, Game) $40  Sold

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Box, Manual & Game) $140  Sold

Breath of Fire (Box, Manual, Game, Chart, *map taped*) $175 Sold

Breath of Fire II (Box & Game, No Manual) $200  Sold

Carrier Aces (Box & Game, No Manual) $20 Sold

Chrono Trigger (Box, Game, Manual, Posters) $1,500 Sold

Clayfighter (Box, Game, Manual) $120

Cool World (Box, Game, No Manual) $50 Sold

Cybernator (Box, Game, Manual) $150 Sold

Dig & Spike (Box, Manual & Game) $25  Sold

Donkey Kong Country (Box, Manual & Game) $100 Sold

Donkey Kong Country 2 (Box, Manual & Game) $120  

Donkey Kong Country 3 (Box, Manual & Game) $150 *Mint*  Sold

Drakken (Box & Game, Manual) $40

Dr Mario (Box, Game, Manual) $100  Sold

Earth Defense Force (Box, Game, No Manual) $80  Sold

Elite Soccer (Box, Manual & Game) $70  Sold

F1 Roc Race of Champions (Box & Game, No Manual) $20 Sold

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Box, Game, Manual, Map) $150 Sold

F-Zero (Box, Manual & Game) $75

Imperium (Box, Manual, Game) $190  Sold

Izzy’s Quest for Olympic Rings (Box & Game, No Manual) $20  Sold

Jack Nicklaus Golf (Box, Manual & Game) $15  Sold

Jungle Strike (Box, Manual & Game) $55 Sold

Jurassic Park (Box, Manual & Game) $55  Sold

Lethal Weapon (Box Only) $20  Sold

Lion King (Box, Manual & Game) $60  Sold

Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 (Box, Manual & Game) $65  Sold

Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals (Box, Game, Manual) $590 Sold

Math Blaster (Box Only) $20  Sold

Maximum Carnage   (Box & Game, No Manual) $95  Sold

Mega Man X (Box, Game, Manual) $160 Sold

Mega Man X3 (box, game, manual) $880  Sold

Mortal Kombat 1 (Box, Manual, Game) $60 Sold

Out of this World (Box, Manual, Game) $50  Sold

Pilot Wings  (Box, Manual & Game) $50 Sold

Pocky & Rocky (Box, Manual, Game) $600 *Mint* Sold

Populous (Box, Manual & Game) $30 Sold

Raiden Trad (Box Only) $35 Sold

Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing (Box, Game & Manual) $150  *Mint*  Sold

Scooby-Doo Mystery (Box, Manual & Game) $30  Sold

Shadowrun (Box, Game, Manual) $400  Sold

Sim City (Box, Manual & Game) $40

Sim Earth (Box, Manual & Game) $40  Sold

Skins Game (Box, Manual, Poster, Game) $40  Sold

Spawn (Box, Manual & Game) $60  Sold

Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Box Only) $25  Sold

Super Buster Bros (Box & Manual, No Game) $40  Sold

Super Double Dragon (Box, Manual & Game) $170 Sold

Super Godzilla (Box, Manual & Game) $85 Sold

Super Mario All-Stars (Box, Manual & Game)   Sold

Super Mario Kart (Box, Manual & Game)   Sold

Super Mario RPG (Box, Manual, Game) $500 Sold

Super Metroid  (Box, Manual & Game) $400 

Super Putty (Box, Manual, Game) $30 Sold

Super Punch Out (Box, Manual, Game) $130  Sold

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Box, Manual & Game) $70  Sold

Superman: The Death & Return (Box, Manual & Game) $200  Sold

Taz-Mania (Box, Manual, Game) $25  Sold

Tecmo Super Bowl (Box, Manual & Game) $45  Sold

Troddlers (Box, Manual, Game) $45

The Legend of Zelda : a Link to the Past (Box, Game, Manual, Map, Promo) $300

Ultima The False Prophet (Box, Manual, No Game) $30  Sold

Uniracers  (Box, Game with sticker on it, No Manual) $35 Sold

Weapon Lord (Box & Game, No Manual)   Sold

Wolfenstein 3D (Box, Manual & Game, *manual wear*) $150 Sold

World Heroes 2 (Box, Manual, No Game) $35 Sold

X-Men Mutant Apocalypse (Box, Manual, Game) $110  Sold

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