Sega Genesis

All Sega Genesis games are used, complete in case, tested, and in good condition unless otherwise stated.

Consoles will usually be paired with a 6 button hyperkin controller. Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


Genesis Console Model 1

(console with cords, 1  controller)



Genesis Console Model 2

(console, cords, 1 controller)

$75 Sold 



Sega 6 button controller $35  Sold

Sega 3 button controller $25  Sold


Sega Genesis AV-HDMI Hyperkin Cord $40 Sold

Sega Genesis Boxed Game List:

688 Attack Sub (complete) $20

Afterburner II (complete) $30

Aladdin (with manual) $24.99 Sold 

Altered Beast (complete) $30

Arrow Flash (no manual) $130 

Art of Fighting (complete, cardboard variant) $40

Awesome Possum (no manual) $20

Barney’s Hide and Seek Games (complete, manual wear)

Batman (complete with reg card) $175  Sold

Batman Forever (no manual) $10

Batman Returns (complete) $35

Battletoads (complete) $80  Sold

Beauty and The Beast: Belle’s Quest (no manual) $25

Begger Prince (mega drive/genesis, ‘Super Fighter’ complete) $190

Bible Adventures (complete, wisdom tree) $240

Blaster Master 2 (no manual) $70

Boogerman A Pick and Flick Adventure (complete) $60

Bubble & Squeak (no manual) $30

Bubsy II (complete) $30

Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday (complete with poster) $70

Castlevania Bloodlines (complete + reg card) Sold

Castlevania Bloodlines (no manual) $190

Chakan (complete) $40

Championship Pool (no manual) $10

Championship Pro-Am (complete) $40

Chase H.Q II (complete) $125

Chuck Rock II Son of Chuck (complete) $30

Clayfighter (no manual) $20

Clue (complete) $15

Comix Zone (complete, No CD, cardboard variant) $80  

Crystal’s Pony Tale (no manual) $20

Cut Throat Island (no manual) $20

Double Dragon III (no manual) $50

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (complete) $40  Sold

Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun (complete) $15

Earnest Evans (complete) $135

Ecco the Dolphin (complete) $25

Ecco the Dolphin (no manual) $15

Ecco the Tides of Time (complete) $20

Eternal Champions (complete) $15

Exodus Journey to the Promised Land (complete, wisdom tree) $140

F-15 Strike Eagle II (complete) $15

Fantastic Dizzy (no manual) $30

Fatal Fury (complete, minor cart wear) $35

Fatal Fury (complete) $45

Fatal Fury (complete, mega drive) $35

Fatal Fury 2 (complete) $70

Fatal Fury 2 (no manual) $50

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (complete) $15

Formula One F1 (with manual) $20

Galaxy Force II (complete) $35

Garfield Caught in the Act (no manual) $25

Gauntlet IV (complete) $100

General Chaos (complete) $45

Genghis Khan II (complete, wear) $30

Ghouls N Ghosts (complete) $100  Sold

Ghouls 'N Ghosts (no manual) $80

Gods (no manual) $50

Golden Axe (complete) $55

Golden Axe (complete, with poster) $65

Golden Axe II (complete) $55

Greatest Heavyweights (no manual) $15

Gunstar Heroes (complete) $165 

HardBall 94 (complete) $10

Immortal (no manual) $45

James Pond II (complete) $40

Jeopardy (complete) $10

Jewel Master (complete) $55

Joe and Mac (no manual) $75

Joshua the Battle of Jericho (complete, wisdom tree) $220

Jungle Book (complete) $20

Jungle Book (complete, cardboard variant) $15 Sold

Jungle Strike (complete) $20

Jungle Strike (no manual) $15

Jurassic Park (no manual) $15

Kawasaki Super Bike Challenge (complete, wear) $90

Kid Chameleon (no manual) $20

Last Battle (complete, manual has wear) $30

Last Battle (no manual, wear) $15

Lethal Enforcers II (complete) $30

LHX Attack Chopper (complete) $15

Liberty of Death (complete with poster) $100

Liberty of Death (complete) $20

Lightning Force (no manual, label wear) $100

Lion King (complete, cardboard variant) $25 Sold

Lotus II (complete) $15

Lotus II (no manual) $10

Mad Stalker Full Metal Forth (JP Mega-Drive, complete) $100

Madden NFL ’98 (complete) $20

Midnight Resistance (no manual) $90

Mortal Kombat (complete) $25

Mortal Kombat II (complete) $30

Mortal Kombat III (complete) $40

Ms Pac-Man (no manual) $10

Mystical Fighter (complete) $200

NBA Jam (no manual) $15

NBA Jam T.E (complete) $25 

Operation Europe (with poster, no manual) $35

Outrun 2019 (complete) $40  Sold

P.T.O (complete) $40

Pagemaster (no manual, cardboard variant) $15

Pat Riley’s Basketball (complete) $10

Pier Solar (complete, Mega Drive, watermelon’s reprint edition) $160

Phantasy Star III (complete with poster) $80

Pink Goes to Hollywood (no manual, wear) $15

Pitfall Mayan Adventure (no manual) $15  Sold

Power Monger (complete) $10

Prince of Persia (no manual) $25

Quackshot Starring Donald Duck (complete) $50

Quad Challenge (no manual) $20

Quad Challenge (no manual) $20

Raiden Trad (complete) $120  Sold

Rastan Saga II (complete, artwork damage) $50

Ren and Stimpy Show Stimpy's Invention (complete) $25

Ren and Stimpy Show Stimpy's Invention (no manual) $15

Revenge of Shinobi (complete) $80  

Revenge of Shinobi (no manual) $40

Revolution X (complete) $20

Risk (complete) $10

Road Rash (complete) $40  Sold 

Road Rash 3 (no manual) $45

Rock’N Roll Racing (no manual) $110 

Rocket Knight Adventures (complete) $100

Rugby World Cup 95 (complete) $10

Saturday Night Slam Masters (complete) $180  Sold 

Shinobi (complete, artwork damage) $50

Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master (complete) $120 

Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master (no manual) $80

Skeleton Krew (game only, printed case $120

Skeleton Krew (no manual) $250 

Sol-Deace (complete) $210

Sonic the Hedgehog (no manual) $35

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (complete) $20

Space Harrier II (complete) $40

Spider-Man (no manual) $30 

Spider-Man (complete) $35

Spiderman X-Men Arcade’s Revenge (complete) $35

Spiritual Warfare (complete, wisdom tree, some box wear) $250

SplatterHouse 2 (complete) $350 Sold 

Sports Talk Football ’93 Starring Joe Montana (complete) $10

Star Trek Next Generations Echoes From the Past (no manual) $15

Steel Empire (complete) $90

Steel Talons (no manual) $10

Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition (no manual) $15

Streets of Rage (complete) $65

Streets of Rage (no manual) $50

Streets of Rage 3 (complete) $240

Super Bike Challenge (complete, wear) $90

Super Hydlide (no manual) $35

Super Monaco GP (complete) $10

Super Monaco GP II (complete) $20

Super Monaco GP II (no manual) $15

Super Street Fighter II (no manual) $30

Super Street Fighter II (complete) $35

Super Thunder Blade (complete) $20

Syd of Valis (no manual) $120

T2 (complete) $30

T2 (complete, cardboard variant) $25

TaleSpin (complete) $30

Task Force Harrier (no manual) $60

Taz-Mania (complete) $15

Team USA Basketball Limited Edition (complete) $20

Thunder Force III (no manual) $130

Time Killers (no manual) $160   Sold

Tinhead (complete) $50

Tiny Toon Adventures ACME All-Stars (complete) $50

ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron (complete) $40

Tommy Lasorda Baseball (complete) $10

Trampoline Terror (no manual) $40

Troy Aikman NFL Football (complete) $10

Truxton (no manual) $120

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (complete) $100

Uncharted Water’s New Horizons (game only, printed case) $60

Urban Strike (complete) $25

Vector-Man (complete, cardboard variant) $30 

Wheel of Fortune (complete) $5

Whip Rush (no manual) $100 

Wonder Boy in Monster World (complete with reg card) $100

X-Men (complete) $25

X-Men (no manual) $20

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (no manual) $50

Zoom (complete) $20

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