Sega Genesis

All Sega Genesis games are used, complete in case, tested, and in good condition unless otherwise stated.

Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


Genesis Console Model 1

(console with cords, 2 controllers)



Genesis Console Model 2

(console with cords, 2 controllers)

$65   Sold



Sega 6 button controller $30

Sega 3 button controller  Sold


Sega Genesis AV-HDMI Hyperkin Cord $40

Sega Genesis Boxed Game List:

Adventures of Mighty Max (complete)  $20

Aladdin (no manual)  $20

Alien Storm (no manual)  $45  Sold

Arcade Classics Cardboard Box (complete) $20

Ariel the Little Mermaid (no manual) $20

Art of Fighting (complete) $20

Awesome Possum (no manual) $20

Back to the Future Part III (complete) $80  Sold

Bare Knuckle (import, complete) $80

Barney’s Hide & Seek Games Complete (manual wear) $10

Batman Forever (complete) $15

Batman Returns (complete) $20  Sold

Batman Revenge of the Joker (complete) $75  Sold

Batman the Video Game (complete)  $120  Sold

Battletoads & Double Dragon (complete)  $60  Sold

Beauty and the Beast Belle’s Quest (complete) $30

Beauty and the Beast Belle’s Quest (no manual) $25

Beggar Prince (mega drive/genesis, 'Super Fighter' complete) $220

Biohazard Battle (no manual)  $40

Blaster Master II (complete) $100

Boogerman a Pick and Flick Adventures (complete) $50  Sold

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (complete)  $20  Sold

Bubsy II (complete) $20

Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday (complete with poster) $70

Castlevania Bloodlines (game only, printed case) $100 Sold

Chakan (no manual) $30

Clue (complete) $10

Comic Zone (game only, printed case) $35

Comix Zone (complete, no CD, cardboard variant) *Mint*  $100

Crystal's Pony Tale (no manual) $25

Cyberball (complete) $20

Dark Castle (complete) $35

Dashin' Desperadoes (complete) $50

Dashin' Desperadoes (no manual) $40

Death and Return of Superman (complete) $105  Sold

Desert Strike Return to the Gulf (complete) $15

Double Dragon 3 (no manual) $50

Dragon’s Fury (no manual) $45

Dune (complete) $120  Sold

Dynamite Headdy (no manual)  $65  Sold

Earthworm Jim (complete, cardboard variant) *Mint*  $70  Sold

Earthworm Jim (game only, printed case) $35

Earthworm Jim 2 (no manual, includes poster) $85  Sold

Ecco the Dolphin (no manual) $20

Eternal Champions (complete) $15

Eternal Champions (no manual) $10

Family Feud (complete) $10

Final Zone (no manual) $70

Frogger Cardboard Box (complete) $20

Gaiares (import, complete) $190

Ghouls‘n Ghosts (complete)  $110  Sold

Golden Axe (complete) $50  Sold

Granada (complete) $165

Grind Stormer (complete)  $220  Sold

Gunstar Heroes (no manual) $120

HardBall 94 (complete) $10

Immortal (complete) $60

Incredible Crash Test Dummies (no manual) $20

Incredible Hulk (no manual) $20

Instruments of Chaos Starring Young Indiana Jones (complete) $20

James Pond II (complete) $25

Jeopardy (complete) $5  Sold

Jordan vs. Bird Super One-On-One (no manual) $8

Jungle Strike (complete) $20

Jungle Strike (no manual) $15

Jurassic Park (complete) $15

Jurassic Park Rampage Edition (complete, cardboard variant)  $40

Kid Chameleon (no manual) $30

Landstalker (complete) $60  Sold

Last Battle (no manual)  $20

Lethal Enfocers II (complete) $45

LHX Attack Chopper (complete) $15

Liberty or Death (complete with poster) $85

Liberty or Death (complete) $70

Light Crusader Cardboard Box (complete) $40

Lightening Force (complete) $140  Sold

Lightening Force (no manual, cartridge label wear) $100

Lion King (complete) $20  Sold

Lost Vikings (complete) $35

Lotus II (complete) $20

Madden NFL '98 (complete) $15

Master of Monsters (complete) $180  Sold

Mega Bomberman (game only, printed case) $40

Michael Jackson Moonwalker (complete, minor wear)  $150  Sold

Micro Machines (no manual) $25

MIG-29 (no manual) $15

Mortal Kombat (complete)  $20  Sold

Mortal Kombat 3 (complete) $25  Sold

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing (complete) $15

Mutant League Football (complete) $65

Mystic Defender (complete)  $50  Sold

Mystical Fighter (game only, printed case) $60

NHL 95 (no manual) $6

NHL 96 (complete) $10

NHL 97 (complete) $10

NHL Hockey (complete) $10

Nobunaga's Ambition (complete with poster) $45

Operation Europe (no manual) $25

Out Of This World (complete) $80

Outrun 2019 (complete) $30

P.T.O (complete) $35

Pac-Mania (complete) $25

Pat Riley's Basketball (complete) $10

PGA Tour 96 (complete) $5

Phantasy Star III (no manual) $45

Pirates Gold (complete with map) $140

Power Monger (complete) $20

Punisher (game only, printed case) $150  Sold

Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (no manual) $30  Sold

Raiden Trad (no manual)  $85

Rastan Saga II (complete, artwork damage) $40

Ren & Stimpy Stimpy’s Invention (complete)  $25  Sold

Revenge of Shinobi ‘sega classic’  (complete) $35

Revolution X (complete) $10

Risk (complete) $15

Road Rash II (complete) $35

Road Rash II Cardboard Box (complete, minor wear) $25

Robocop 3 (complete)  $50  Sold

Robocop Vs Terminator (complete) $80  Sold

Rock N Roll Racing (no manual) $90

Rugby World Cup 95 (complete) $10

Sagaia (complete)  $250  Sold

Shadow Dancer Secret of Shinobi (complete)  $75  Sold

Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master (complete)  $75  Sold

Skeleton Krew (game only, printed case) $90

Sonic & Knuckles (complete, cardboard variant)  $100  Sold

Sonic the Hedgehog (complete) $30

Sonic the Hedgehog (no manual) $25  Sold

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (complete) $25

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (no manual) $20

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (complete) $60

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (no manual) $50

Spider-Man Maximum Carnage (complete) $60

Splatter House 3 (no manual) $200 Sold

Sports Talk Baseball (complete) $10

Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition (no manual) $15

Streets of Rage (complete)  $80  Sold

Streets of Rage (no manual)  $70

Streets of Rage 2 (complete) $80  Sold

Sunset Riders (no manual)  $90

Super Monaco GP II (complete) $20

Super Monaco GP II (no manual) $15

Super Smash TV (complete)  $55  Sold

Super Street Fighter II (complete) $25  Sold

Super Street Fighter II (no manual) $20

T2 Judgement Day (complete) $20  Sold 

T2 The Arcade Game (complete) $20  Sold

Task Force Harrier EX (no manual) $65  Sold

Taz-Mania (complete) $15  Sold

Thunderforce II (complete)  $60  Sold

Thunderforce III (complete)  $125  Sold

ToeJam & Earl (complete)  $80  Sold

ToeJam & Earl Panic on Funkotron (complete)  $40  Sold

Tommy Lasorda Baseball (complete) $10

Toxic Crusaders (no manual) $40

Truxton (complete) $160  Sold

Turrican (no manual) $50  Sold

Twin Cobra (no manual) $50

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Cardboard Box (complete) $100

Uncharted Water’s New Horizons (game only, printed case) $60

Uncharted Waters New Horizons (complete with poster) $110

Valis Fantasm Soldier (game only, cart wear, printed case) $45

Vapor Trail (no manual) $190

Vectorman (complete, cardboard variant) $30  Sold

Vectorman 2 Cardboard Box (complete) $45 Sold

Viewpoint (complete) $40  Sold

Virtua Racing (no manual) $35  Sold

Wardner (no manual) $90

Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits Cardboard Box (complete) $10

World Series Baseball 98 Cardboard Box (complete) $20

WWF Royal Rumble (complete) $15  Sold

WWF Super Wrestlemania (complete) $20  Sold

X-Men (complete) $25 Sold

Zombies Ate My Neighbours (no manual) $45  Sold


Sega Genesis Game Only List:

AAAHH Real Monsters (game only) $10

Aladdin (game only) $15

Alien 3 (game only) $20

Batman Returns (game only) $10

Beauty and the Beast Belle’s Quest (game only) $15

Blaster Master II (game only) $40

Castlevania Bloodlines (game only) $100  Sold

Chakan (game only) $20

Cliffhanger (game only) $10

Comix Zone (game only) $35

Cybercop (game only) $10

Dashin’ Desperadoes (game only) $25

Death and Return of Superman (game only, label tear) $50

Dinosaurs for Hire (game only) $35

Doom Troopers (game only) $50

ESPN Speed World (game only) $7

Eswat City Under Siege (game only) $15  Sold

Exo Squad (game only) $15

Flashback (game only) $10

Incredible Hulk (game only) $15

Judge Dred (game only) $10  Sold

Jungle Book (game only) $10

Jurassic Park (game only) $10

Jurassic Park Ramage Edition (game only) $15

King Salmon the Big Catch (game only) $8

Last Battle (game only) $15

Lethal Enforcers (game only) $10

Lion King (game only) $10

Menacer (game only) $4

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (game only) $10

Mortal Kombat II (game only) $15

NBA Hangtime (game only) $13

NHL All-Star Hockey (game only) $3

P.T.O. Pacific Theater Of Operations (game only) $15

Pebble Beach Golf Links (game only) $2

Pirates of Dark Water (game only) $55 Sold

Primal Rage (game only) $13

Ristar (game only) $100

Rock 'N Roll Racing (game only) $50

Rocket Knight Adventures (game only) $50

Shadowrun (game only) $50

Side Pocket (game only) $5

Sonic & Knuckles (game only) $30  Sold

Sonic 3D Blast (game only) $15

Sonic Spinball (game only) $10

Speedball 2 (game only) $15

Spider-Man Maximum Carnage (game only) $35

Sports Talk Football '93 Starring Joe Montana (game only) $3

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Crossroads of Time (game only) $20

Steel Empire (game only) $40

Streets of Rage 2 (game only) $35  Sold

Sub Terrania (game only) $10

Superman (game only) $30  Sold

Terminator 2 Judgement Day (game only) $15

Top Gear 2 (game only) $20

Toy Story (game only) $10

Triple Score (game only) $5

True Lies (game only, label tear) $15

Truxton (game only) $80

Two Crude Dudes (game only) $35

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (game only) $40  Sold

Vectorman (game only) $10

Wheel of Fortune (game only) $2

Wrestlemania the Arcade Game (game only) $15

X-Men (game only) $12

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