All TurboGrafx-16 games are used, complete in case, tested, and in good condition unless otherwise stated.

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TurboGrafx-16system (all cords, 1 controller) 

Includes AV adapter + 4 Hu Card Games : Keith Courage, China Warrior, Sports TV Basketball & Football

$220 SOLD


Turbografx Multi-tap Adapter




RGB Turbografx Console Set (all cords, controller, game)

RGB Hard Modded for high def video output ! Hard mod replaces RF connection.

Includes SCART cable, SCART to HDMI converter so you can play through HDMI & Keith Courage Game!


TurboGrafx-16 Game List:

"CIC" stands forComplete in Case

Air Zonk (Cart Only) $149.99  Sold

Alien Crush CIC $49.99 

Andre Panza Kick Boxing CIC $24.99

Battle Royale CIC $29.99

Blazing Lazers CIC $74.99  Sold

Bomberman ’93 CIC $249.99 

Bomberman CIC $99.99

Bonk 3 : Bonk's Big Adventure CIC $579.99

Bonk’s Adventure CIC $64.99 

Bonk’s Revenge CIC $89.99 

BoxyBoy CIC $59.99

Cadash (Cartridge Only) $109.99

Chase H.Q CIC $169.99

China Warrior CIC $29.99

Cyber Core (Cartridge Only) $39.99

Davis Cup Tennis (Cartridge Only) $14.99

Dead Moon (Cartridge Only) $99.99

Devil’s Crush CIC $159.99  Sold

Double Dungeons (manual and cartridge) $34.99

Dungeon Explorer (Manual Tear) $39.99

Dungeon Explorer 2 (TurboCD) CIC  Sold

Fantasy Zone CIC $79.99  Sold

Final Lap Twin CIC $24.99

Galaga 90 CIC $49.99

Ghost Manor  CIC $159.99

J.J & Jeff CIC $54.99

Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf CIC $24.99

Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu CIC $199.99

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones CIC $24.99

Klax CIC $39.99

Military Madness (Cartridge Only) $39.99

Military Madness CIC $49.99

Moto Roader (cartridge only) $29.99

Night Creatures CIC $89.99

Ordyne CIC $59.99

Parasol Stars (Cartridge Only) $79.99

Power Golf (CIC, missing page) $14.99  Sold

R-Type CIC $84.99  Sold

Samurai Ghost CIC $199.99

Side Arms CIC $49.99 

Silent Debuggers CIC $79.99

Sinistron CIC $89.99

Space Harrier (Cartridge Only) $29.99  Sold

Splatterhouse CIC $139.99 

Super Air Zonk Turbo-CD (Japanese import, CIC) $149.99

Super Star Soldier (no manual) $159.99 

Super Volleyball CIC $29.99

Time Cruise CIC $89.99

TV Sports Football CIC $19.99

TV Sports Hockey CIC $24.99

Valis II (Turbo CD)  CIC $119.99

Veigues Tactical Gladiator (Cartridge Only) $39.99  Sold

Victory Run CIC $29.99  Sold

Vigilante (cartridge only) $29.99

World Court Tennis CIC $24.99

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